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ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems


Intelligent Transportation Systems

DTS has over a decade of experience successfully executing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects, including planning, installation, operation, and maintenance. We specialize in solving the toughest ITS deployment and maintenance challenges in both urban and rural settings, ensuring the highest levels of operational utilization and performance.
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and traffic monitoring are the cornerstones on which DTS was founded. Our team includes nationally recognized transportation management experts. We use our expertise, innovation, and management approaches to ensure public agencies optimize the utilization and return on their investment in ITS deployments.    


ITS Services

DTS is ready to design and deploy new systems or maintain existing investments

DTS’s factory-trained and certified technicians have extensive experience with all major roadside device technologies, including:

    »»» CCTV (both solar and AC-powered sites, analog/digital/megapixel)

    »»» Video encoder/decoder technologies

    »»» RWIS stations

    »»» Communications networks (including T-1, DSL, wireless/mesh)

    »»» Restricted weather/fog warning lighting (avoidance) systems

    »»» In-road restricted visibility lighting

    »»» Dynamic/variable message signs (DMS/VMS)

    »»» Highway advisory radio (HAR)

    »»» Traffic monitoring devices and other traffic management field equipment

    »»» 24/7 on-call service, with comprehensive scheduled preventive maintenance.


Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS has a proven track record of working with our customers to take their ITS programs to the highest level of operational capability. We work with our customers to become the "trusted partner" that they can rely on. The foundation of our programs and successful relationships is built upon performance-based or customer-defined contracts, which allow for proactive, innovative approaches to field operations and maintenance.

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ITS Projects
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Solving the toughest ITS deployment & maintenance challenges in Urban and Rural settings.

Traffic Data Projects
Traffic monitoring and data collection
Service to state, local, and private sector agencies.


ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

» CCTV - Solar and A/C Powered
» Video Encoder/Decoder Technologies
» RWIS Stations
» Restricted Weather / Fog Warning Lighting (avoidance) Systems
» Dynamic / Variable Message Signs
» 24/7 On Call Service
» Installation & Maintenance Programs

Traffic Data

» Site Selection / Device Installation
» In-road and non-intrusive sensors
» Weigh-In-Motion systems installation
» Sensor Calibration and Monitoring
» Device Polling and Integration
» Comprehensive Traffic Data for Planning and Real Time Operations