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Intelligent Transportation Systems

DTS delivers the management execution, technical know-how, and state-of-the-art equipment needed to successfully implement and maintain complex, mission-critical ITS projects.


Roadway CCTV Systems Design & Installation

DTS is ready to design and deploy new systems or maintain existing investments

DTS developed and implemented a highway CCTV traffic surveillance system including all equipment, materials, labor, communications systems, test plans and maintenance protocols. The system has CCTV sites (both solar and AC powered), remote video encoder technologies, communications networks (including T-1, DSL, and wireless backbones), software systems, and a central monitoring system for remote viewing and control. We have a full support system in place for this extensive project including: dedicated technical resources, a field support office, inventory management, test systems and requirements definitions, installation and support, ready repair stores, maintenance vehicles, acquisition management, and traffic maintenance.


Dual Use Traffic Sensor Data

Maximizing your investment in technology

In support of a statewide data collection project and ITS initiative, DTS converted statistical traffic monitoring sites to real-time ITS assets. We progressively updated selected sites and installing new traffic monitoring sites that have real-time data capability for ITS, as well as polling for statistical traffic data analysis. As a result of this innovative project the state has realized expanded data elements, and data quality, incident detection and management, and program savings.


On-Call Maintenance and Service for ITS Assets along a Key Corridor

Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS is providing a complete on-call solution to help a network of ITS operations centers maintain a continual state of readiness for ITS field devices along a remote section of a highly congested, heavily traveled interstate. The ITS field devices, which span a 300-mile range and multiple districts, include: CCTV sites (both solar and AC powered); remote video encoder technologies; RWIS stations; communications networks (including T-1, DSL, and wireless backbones); software systems; restricted weather/fog warning systems; in-road restricted visibility lighting; dynamic message signs (DMS); highway advisory radio (HAR); traffic monitoring devices; and other traffic management field equipment. We provide 24/7 emergency response, preventative maintenance, and service calls. The project scope also involves preventive maintenance for intersection traffic lights on arterials leading to and adjacent to the interstate, and the deployment of IP-based communications and  adaptive signal control technologies.


Repair and Maintenance of Metro CCTV Camera Heads

Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS mobilized an experienced team to replace CCTV camera heads on high mast service poles on a heavily traveled roadway. After the customer supplied basic equipment, we developed a work plan, mobilized our work force, maintained traffic flow, programmed the cameras, removed and disposed of the old equipment, pulled old cabling, and installed the new CCTV camera heads and associated equipment.


Rapid Deployment of CCTV Assets for Special Event

Maximizing your investment in technology

A municipality tasked DTS with the design, install, and service of a CCTV traffic surveillance system to monitor a highly congested transportation network prior to an annual special event. The system included: CCTV (AC powered sites), remote video encoder technologies, communications networks, software systems, and remote viewing and control. From start to finish this project was accomplished within 90 days, allowing the local transportation agency to better monitor and react to traffic conditions.


Installation of Metro CCTV and Roadway Speed Monitoring Equipment

Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS designed, installed, integrated, and deployed ITS field devices that incorporated CCTV systems and microwave vehicle detection systems (MVDS)/RTMS The system included ruggedized ethernet switches, IP video servers/MPEG2 encoders, power management and isolation, and integrated ITS pole and ground mounted cabinets. We also provided comprehensive training for personnel using the system.



Specialized Work Zone Safety and Monitoring Project

Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS provided a network of portable trailers outfitted with traffic flow sensing equipment and variable message signs that could be rapidly deployed to support an ITS work zone project. Information from the traffic sensing network was distributed over a CDMA modem network. The system distributed traffic flow information to the public via the internet and through remotely deployed variable message signs.


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