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Digital Traffic Systems Inc. (DTS)



Our Vision Statement
Digital Traffic Systems, Inc. is a technical services company that focuses on the specialized installation, operation, and maintenance of advance technologies to provide reliable, timely information for use in transportation operations, planning, safety, and security.  Our objective is to help our clients maximize the value of their transportation assets with an emphasis on total lifecycle performance, quality of service, and responsiveness.

Service Beyond Expectations

Digital Traffic Systems, Inc. (DTS) is a Traffic Data and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) provider specializing in traffic data delivery, roadside device installation, operations, maintenance, and support services. DTS was founded in 1999 to provide services to the transportation industry on a national basis. Since its inception, DTS has focused on providing the very best in ITS and traffic data collection solutions and services. DTS currently employs more than 80 people in seven (7) field offices to efficiently provide services to our clients.




What we do

Maximize your investment in technology

DTS has over a decade of experience planning, managing, and executing innovative projects, including complex ITS projects, and performance-based statewide traffic data programs. We are experienced in the rapid deployment of fixed and mobile devices both for ongoing operations and in response to emergency events. Our work includes program planning, field surveys, site design (including communications and power subsystems), installation, integration, remote sensor data collection and display, quality assurance, and site/platform maintenance. These services have been provided on both an ad hoc and full turnkey basis.

DTS has a proven track record of recruiting and retaining highly qualified technical staff, enabling us to satisfy the most demanding technical, schedule, and cost requirements. DTS maintains its technological independence and does not represent any specific equipment brand, preferring instead to assess and use technologies most appropriate for each application and which are consistent with agency needs and preferences. We pride ourselves on maintaining close partnerships with all leading traffic data and ITS device manufacturers and have been certified or trained by them for the most effective use of the technology. This expertise, coupled with many years of experience installing, operating, and maintaining all makes and models of equipment, provides DTS with unique insight into how best to leverage existing and new field assets to maximize utilization and lifecycle performance to serve multiple needs.


Who we are

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DTS Management Team
We have assembled a diverse group of
professionals with decades of combined experience.

DTS Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors
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ITS Projects
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Solving the toughest ITS deployment & maintenance challenges in Urban and Rural settings.

Traffic Data Projects
Traffic monitoring and data collection
Service to state, local, and private sector agencies.



ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

» CCTV - Solar and A/C Powered
» Video Encoder/Decoder Technologies
» RWIS Stations
» Restricted Weather / Fog Warning Lighting (avoidance) Systems
» Dynamic / Variable Message Signs
» 24/7 On Call Service
» Installation & Maintenance Programs

Traffic Data

» Site Selection / Device Installation
» In-road and non-intrusive sensors
» Weigh-In-Motion systems installation
» Sensor Calibration and Monitoring
» Device Polling and Integration
» Comprehensive Traffic Data for Planning and Real Time Operations