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Traffic Data

How DTS Traffic Data Solutions can help you

Service Beyond Expectations

Providing innovative, reliable , and cost-effective traffic monitoring solutions including equipment selection,   installation, maintenance and integration are Digital Traffic Systems' (DTS) core competencies. We provide a full range of traffic monitoring device and data collection services to state, local, and private sector agencies. Our Traffic Data Services have a proven track record of providing the highest levels of operational capability at the lowest total lifecycle cost.
Efficient, accurate transportation monitoring makes a bottom line difference for federal, state, local governments and commercial developers/engineering firms. That’s why government agencies and engineering firms across the country depend on high quality traffic data from industry leader DTS. We combine nationally-recognized transportation management experts with best-of-breed technical solutions to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.



DTS staff are ready to design and deploy new systems or maintain existing investments

DTS-trained and certified staff have experience in every major phase of traffic data programs, including:

»»» Site selection and device installation, including infrastructure, communications, and power components

»»» Certified traffic control during installation and maintenance activities

»»» Expertise in magnetic, video, radar, laser, and sonic sensor systems (intrusive and non-intrusive)

»»» Wide variety of in-road and non-intrusive sensors and technologies

»»» Weigh-in-motion system installation and maintenance

»»» Traffic Data Collector calibration and data quality monitoring

»»» Traffic device polling and data integration

»»» Comprehensive traffic data for planning and real-time operations



Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS has a proven track record of working with clients to take their traffic data programs to the highest level of operational capability through innovative use of technology and meticulous attention to detail. We work with our customers to become the "trusted partner" that they can rely on. The foundation of our programs and successful relationships is built upon proactive performance-based contracting against mutually agreed-upon performance metrics. Our innovative business model allows us to provide “Data As A Service” to our customers as an alternative to standard push-button contracts.

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ITS Projects
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Solving the toughest ITS deployment & maintenance challenges in Urban and Rural settings.

Traffic Data Projects
Traffic monitoring and data collection
Service to state, local, and private sector agencies.


ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

» CCTV - Solar and A/C Powered
» Video Encoder/Decoder Technologies
» RWIS Stations
» Restricted Weather / Fog Warning Lighting (avoidance) Systems
» Dynamic / Variable Message Signs
» 24/7 On Call Service
» Installation & Maintenance Programs

Traffic Data

» Site Selection / Device Installation
» In-road and non-intrusive sensors
» Weigh-In-Motion systems installation
» Sensor Calibration and Monitoring
» Device Polling and Integration
» Comprehensive Traffic Data for Planning and Real Time Operations