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Innovative Traffic Data Solutions for Operations and Planning

Efficient, accurate transportation monitoring makes a bottom line difference for federal, state, local governments and commercial developers/engineering firms. That’s why government agencies and engineering firms across the country depend on high quality traffic data from industry leader DTS. We combine nationally-recognized transportation management experts with best-of-breed technical solutions to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.  

DTS has developed, implemented and customized a range of successful traffic data projects for government agencies across the country.


Statewide Data Collection and Services Program — Traffic Monitoring

DTS staff are ready to design and deploy new systems or maintain existing investments

DTS is responsible for the service, installation, maintenance and repair of more than 600 statewide traffic monitoring sites. We also provide the electronics for data collection. The installed sensor network belongs to the customer and DTS owns the roadside assets. Through this innovative program, the customer only pays for the high-quality data collected by DTS from the permanent count sites. Since DTS first started this project, the program scope has expanded significantly as data quality has improved from less than 75% of sites yielding acceptable data to more than 95% of the sites generating acceptable data serving both Planning and Operational needs.


Dual Use Traffic Sensor Data

Maximizing your investment in technology


In support of a statewide data collection project and ITS initiative, DTS converted statistical traffic monitoring sites to real-time ITS assets. We progressively updated selected sites and installing new traffic monitoring sites that have real-time data capability for ITS, as well as polling for statistical traffic data analysis. As a result of this innovative project the state has realized expanded data elements, and data quality, incident detection and management, and program savings.


Statewide Data Collection and Services Program — Telemetry Systems

Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS wa s responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of more than 350 statewide telemetry systems. The project scope included the upgrade and maintenance of solar powered telemetry sites, and the maintenance, repair, and replacement of emergency monitoring cameras for hurricane evacuation along major routes used by emergency management. In addition, we provided roaming technicians who answer service calls statewide including troubleshooting, specific site performance assessment, site surveys, recommended site improvements, remedial actions, and quality assurance.


Specialized Video Traffic Data Collection Program

Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS managed the design and data collection of an innovative video traffic data logging system that analyzed traffic and accident patterns at a key, metropolitan area intersection. We deployed a mobile system that included suitable power as well as CCTV assets and video recording capability that could be analyzed for post processing. We also conducted a site survey to facilitate the placement of the mobile video data system and meet government directives for monitoring traffic within an intersection.


Statewide Data Site Maintenance Program

Maximizing your investment in technology

DTS was responsible for more than 120 traffic monitoring sites across the state including permanent traffic monitors and weigh-in motion sites (WIMs, ATRs, AVCs, AWACs, and Non-Intrusive Sensors and Modems). Work included site surveys for site operational status and repair, site layout and installation guidelines, and installation and commissioning.


Specialized Video Traffic Data Collection Program

Maximizing your investment in technology

A federal agency asked DTS to participate in a special traffic study in a major metropolitan area. The project included wide area distribution of various sensors and detectors, and evaluation of the impact of traffic flow. Traffic flow data was based on video data collecting including the use of existing traffic cameras, selectively deploying new cameras, transmitting the video back to the data recording site, and analyzing the data.


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